8 tips for video marketing on social media

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The first 3 seconds determine whether people will watch your video for longer. Remember, content is power and the better the content, the more widespread the video. By the end, few people will watch your video.
The length of your video matters!
A good range for promotional videos is around 5-15 seconds, but keep your promotional video under 30 seconds! Human-to-human videos can be longer, with an optimum length of 30 to 120 seconds.
Content matters
Create videos that your potential customers want to see, for example about your work, innovations and activities you offer. People like to see content produced by other people rather than traditional brand marketing.
A good thumbnail
That is, the first frame of the video. This way people who are just scrolling over it can see your brand and your potential marketing message.
Does your video work without sound?
98% of social videos are watched without sound. It’s best to favour text over video in social media.
Live videos
Up to 80% of viewers prefer live videos to traditional videos. Authenticity is better conveyed by live video. Think about posting live streams of your own activities on social media? Live videos can be much longer than the lengths outlined earlier in point 2.
Try it out for yourself!
See if your video works (as you thought it would) on your smartphone. More than 95% of viewers will watch it on a mobile device. Would you watch your own ad if it came up on somefeed alongside other advertising?
Think about what the goal of your video is
The right objectives include increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website (online store) and increasing registrations for your event.

Video marketing on social is different from other channels

Some is a great platform for video marketing, but remember that Facebook or Instagram are not really video channels. Videos that work on YouTube are unlikely to work on social.

However, the power of video marketing on social cannot be underestimated today, as videos published using social’s own tools (FB, Insta, SnapChat, LinkedIn, etc.) on average achieve many times more engagements – shares, likes and comments – than static content or external links to homepages or other content, for example. According to a study by SocialBakers, videos on Facebook achieve on average 135% better organic reach than image posts.

On SOME, a video needs to be different from YouTube if you want a better conversion rate for your video. Again, this is because people come to YouTube to see what their friends and followers are up to, whereas YouTube is a pure video platform and people always come to watch videos with the sound on.

Facebook has done a study that shows that ad videos are watched for around 5.7 seconds in the feed, while on YouTube the figure is around 20%, according to a study by iProspect.

According to Facebook’s own research, ad videos are watched for an average of 5.7 seconds in the news feed. iProspect’s data shows that only around 3% of people who come across a video finish watching it on Facebook. On YouTube, the figure is around 20%.

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