How to Create a Review Website?

There are numerous ways of making a stable income online. Creating a Blog is probably one of them.

Blogs also have a broader division – long term blogs, niche blogs, personal blogs, product review blogs and the list goes on.


In the current scenario, due to the upsurge of E-Commerce platforms like Amazon and Alibaba, there is a significant boom of purchasing products online.

From toiletries to luxury brands, you can buy anything online. The population is highly aware of online marketplaces and have started buying products more confidently.

This has typically changed the conventional system of buying products from a physical store. That’s why we see a good scope in starting a review website.

A review website is a good option for making anything from a few $1000’s to millions of dollars a month.

Plus, it is easy to create a review website from scratch. It is just like creating a WordPress blog. If you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry. This post has been made just for you.

What is a Review Website?

review website is a simple website which provides reviews of products, goods, and services which are majorly used by the masses.

The list of products and services is ever increasing. Every other day, we have a new gadget, mobile or an app launched which you can review and write your views on your review website.

The biggest advantage of a review website- it has a very good potential to generate passive income.

The typical example of a review site is GlassDoor, TripAdvisor, and Yelp.

2Advantages of creating a Review Website

There are many advantages of creating a review website apart from just making money. Once you create a review website and gain regular visitors on it, it would become a great source of earning passive income for you.

However, don’t think it as some sort of get rich quick scheme. Treat it as an actual business and invest the required time on it for making it successful.

Let’s learn more in depth about the advantages of creating a review website and how you could benefit from the same.

2.1Easy to build

You don’t need rocket science to make a review website. It is very simple to create a review website. Just choose the niche in which you are perfect and start writing reviews for the products belonging to that niche.

2.2Reviewing New Products and Services

The coolest factor of having a review website is that you get to review new products as soon as they are launched in the market.

Once your website attains a good authority and you have a good number of viewers on your website, you can then directly contact the Product companies and ask them for specific review copies of their newly launched products.

Most of them would happily agree and even promote your website. This is branding without spending a penny!

2.3Generating Traffic is Fairly Easy

Believe it or not, ranking websites was fairly easy 5 years ago. This is because the theory of an online marketplace was not known to many.

In today’s scenario, it is very difficult to rank a website on the search engine. The best way to do it is by choosing a less competitive niche.

Making a Review Website is still less competitive as compared to the other niches. The better review you will write, it will exponentially generate the viewers to your website. People love to participate in reviews and share their opinion.

Also, you can attract a pretty good crowd from the social media.

2.4Good Potential Earning

Once you have a good number of viewers on your website, you can then sign up with various affiliate networks and generate a good commission when a user buys a product using your affiliate link. Some of the top affiliates are Amazon Associate, ClickBank, ShareASale, etc.

3How to Create a Review Website?

We have covered the most fundamental reasons for creating a review website. It’s now time to learn how to do so.

Let us see in brief how to make a review website.


How to create a Review Website?

  1. Buy a domain name and a hosting package.
  2. Setup WordPress
  3. Download WP Review Pro Plugin
  4. Create a New Post
  5. Implement reviews(star, percentage, points and circle) using WP-Review Pro
  6. Publish the Post.


Now, let’s take a detailed view and see how to make an outstanding review website step-by-step.

3.1Create a WordPress Website

If you are new into the field of blogging, we assure you that it won’t take more than 10 minutes to set up your first WordPress Website.

Follow these steps carefully:

  1. Purchase a domain name and a good hosting package.
  2. Setup WordPress on your website.

3.2Revamp your Blog Design

After setting up your WordPress website, it’s time to implement some upgradations and changes which will make your website look like a pro review website.

As soon as you launch your website, you need to choose the best theme for your website so that you can stick with it throughout.

It provides an easy to drag and drop homepage section with an unlimited number of sidebars along with various other easily customizing options.

The website’s design plays the most important role in acquiring the customers and making them read the content that you have published.

Only after reading the content, you can convince them to purchase the best products using your affiliate links.

3.3Install the Best Review Plugin: WP-Review Pro

Till now, we have seen many premium WordPress plugins for customizing our website but, if we talk about any review plugin, creating reviews using a plugin was not an easy task till the arrival of the WP-Review Pro.

WP-Review Pro is a fantastic Wordpress survey plugin which lets you show your reviews more beautifully on your website.

Still wondering what a review plugin does?

Have you noticed the star rating while searching for websites on the web?

MagXP Review

Apart from that, WP-Review Pro provides a bundle of features to make your reviews leave an everlasting effect on your viewers.


WP-Review Pro Features

  1. Control the review box width.
  2. Offer the user to give ratings in the comment box.
  3. Align review box to left or right.
  4. Beautiful loading effects.
  5. Show Review rating on the thumbnail.
  6. New Circle rating type.
  7. Custom color for each review.


Without spending more time, let us learn how to create stunning reviews using the WP-Review Pro Plugin.

4WP-Review Pro Plugin: Full Tutorial

We have already suggested you the best design for your website. Now it’s time for a quick tutorial to understand how the WP-Review Pro plugin works.

With this tutorial, we promise that your review website will stand well above with many of the top-notch sites of the industry only if you implement the things in the right way.

The review plugin will help you to retain the users on your website improving their engagement on the website so that you get some good affiliate conversions by the end of the day.

Believe it or not, the design and the review plugin are two success deciding factors that play a major role in making a remarkable review website.

Let’s begin with the game, shall we?

Follow the below steps carefully to implement highly optimized reviews on your website.

Step 1: Add New Plugin


Hover to Plugins and click on “Add New” to add the WP-Review Pro plugin that you have already downloaded from MyThemeShop.

Step 2: Upload zip File


Click on “Upload Plugin” to upload the zip file of the WP-Review Pro plugin.

Step 3: Install and Activate WP-Review Pro


  1. Choose the plugin’s zip file from your PC.
  2. To install the plugin, click on “Install Now” and activate the plugin after successfully installing it.

Step 4: Add New Post

Create New Post

After successfully installing and activating the WP-Review Pro plugin, it’s time to start creating your reviews. In the Dashboard, hover to Posts and click on “Add New” to add a new post. You can also implement the same for an already published post. Just follow the same instructions.

Step 5: Choose Review Type

Review Type

  1. After creating a new post, scroll down, and you will find a Review Section. In review type, select the type of review you want to implement. You can choose from star, point, percentage and circle. In the above post, we have chosen “Star.” As soon as you choose a “Review Type,” you will be followed by more options.
  2. In the Review Heading, choose the heading/title for your review. For e.g., if doing a review for an iPhone, you can choose the heading as “iPhone Review.” We have selected “Sample Title” in the above example.
  3. The Reviewed Item Schema provides you with many options. You can choose from game, movie, restaurant or any other option that vividly matches with the product that you are reviewing. We have chosen the Default setting for this.
  4. In the Rating Schema, you can choose the particular rating you want to show. You can choose from Author, Visitor, and Comments review. In the above post, we are providing the author ratings in the review.

Step 6: Add Features and Ratings

Review Element

  1. Here the actual game starts. Add the features along with their subsequent ratings for the product/service you are reviewing. For example: if doing a smartphone review, you can add features like Price, Compatibility, Performance, etc. and give the ratings for the same.
  2. You can choose to show the reviews before the content or at the end of the post, or you can also add it at any custom location. Click on the “Custom Location” to generate a shortcode. Using this shortcode, you can implement the review anywhere within the post.
  3. Don’t know what is the best part of using the WP-Review Pro; you can customize everything including the colors of each element like font, background, border and more.
  4. You can also customize the width of the review box. Just move the width slider or add a numeric percentage in the Review Box Width.
  5. Custom Author is an option to provide an author name which could be picked by the search engine to show in the search results.
  6. Schema data provides the aggregate rating of the product which has been reviewed. This aggregate data can be collected from the ratings provided by the users.

Note: Custom author and schema data are independent variables which are solely picked up by the search engine depending on various factors. Using the Review Pro Plugin gives no guarantee of showing these in the search engine results.

Total Rating

  1. You can even add a custom link where you can provide an adequate link for reading more info about the referring product. Just add the name of the site in the “Text” and provide its relevant URL.
  2. It is always advised to provide a short description of the product you are reviewing. Add a good and meaningful review description.
  3. Ticking the “Hide Description & Total Rating,” you can prevent to show the average rating of the product along with its Description. We don’t prefer to do that.

Step 8: User Review Option


  1. With WP-Review Pro, we can allow visitors to share their experience with the product you are reviewing. You can enable the Visitor as well as the Comment rating to enable the visitor to submit their ratings in the comment section.
  2. You can customize the user ratings as well. Choose from various rating types for the user.

Step 9: Using the Shortcode

Paste the Shortcode

Copy the Shortcode that was generated in Step 6 and paste it in the post at subsequent places where you want to show the review box. We have placed the code in the starting of the post itself.

Step 10: Preview/Publish Post

Preview and Publish Post

Congratulations! You have successfully implemented the ratings inside your post. We would recommend you to preview the post before publishing. The WP-Review Pro offers full customization at any instance. You can alter and modify the reviews easily within a post.

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