Configuration & SEO analysis of your homepage

As you already know, SEO is at the heart of your Dropizi solution. Indeed, we want to offer you the most optimized e-commerce solution for natural referencing. We work daily to bring you new possibilities in this field and make your store more visible on Google.

The natural referencing is, without doubt, one of the pillars of your store, to perpetuate the success of your activity on the long term. The more you improve your position on the search engine, the easier it is to find new customers.

Today, we present you the new “SEO” section of your homepage, to configure all the details of this very important page for Google!

SEO customization for your homepage

Over the past few weeks, we’ve introduced you to Pages+, our informative page creation tool with a section for analyzing and optimizing this content for SEO. It’s about time these SEO tools were available for your homepage.

This part will allow you to modify 2 main elements:

The Title tag: the title of the page, displayed in the search results.
The Meta-Description: the general description of your page, also visible in the search results.
Note that if these fields have already been indicated, they will be automatically retrieved in the new section.

In addition to these customizations, you have the possibility to indicate a main keyword, on which you want to position your homepage.

From there, you will have access to different analyses to study the SEO performance of your page on the chosen keyword and help you improve and optimize it.

Finally, this SEO report comes with many recommendations. These practical tips will allow you to quickly correct what is needed on the page.

Set up your SEO now

In short, SEO is an essential component of your store.

From now on, it is possible to analyze the SEO of your homepage to make improvements quickly and better position yourself in search engines.

The different tools in the dedicated section will allow you to optimize your SEO to improve your visibility in the results.

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