Free Slogan Generator: Online Tools for Your Brand Identity

For your company to attract the maximum number of visitors, it is essential that it has its own identity and some elements that differentiate it from your main competitors. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, you probably want your company to be the first in the mind of your buyers or prospects, when they think of one of the services you offer.

All companies are looking for the same basic elements in e-commerce: a qualified visit that will convert into a purchase before building customer loyalty so that their next visit to your website will still pay off. To do this, the quality of the visuals, the logo or the graphic charter must be precise. All elements must be inspiring.

For this, nothing is more effective than using a punchy and easily memorable slogan to sign your presence on the web, on a poster posted on the networks or on your advertising campaign. This element greatly contributes to increase the notoriety of a brand.

However, creating a slogan is not necessarily an easy task! To help you and if you don’t know where to start, there are online slogan generators that will help you find the right ideas.

Slogan generators: how do they work?

During the life of your business, once you’ve come up with a company name (if you’re still looking, here’s an article on brand name generators), you’re bound to need to come up with slogans at some point. To accompany your logo, to animate a campaign, to create a business card or a poster template… All communication supports can give ideas!

For example, it can be an original and general slogan for your company or an advertising slogan whose use is temporary. In any case, the slogan generators are valuable tools to help you with your ideas.

What is a corporate slogan and why have one?

A corporate slogan is a short, catchy phrase that should, in a few words, describe and represent your brand.

Just as a logo says a lot about your company, your tagline should be able to express your brand’s personality, ideology, missions and values very quickly. For this, each word in its composition must be selected with great care.

In addition, keep in mind that the slogan is one of the first impressions that your customers and prospects will have of your brand. It is very important to give them an immediate positive impression.

The slogan is therefore an integral part of your brand image. It must be able to attract attention, be strong and effective, and be easily memorable.

All these elements are essential to increase your brand awareness, like a web business card that will allow you to share your DNA with your customers at a glance and give weight to your advertising campaign.

Slogan generator: how it works

The slogan generator is a very practical tool that allows you to generate, in just a few minutes, hundreds of different slogans.

It is a precious ally to find inspiration, especially if you do not have the means to hire a communication agency.

Their rates are sometimes very high, often implying that you have to manage alone, especially when you are a young entrepreneur or when you start a professional reconversion.

To find the right slogan, the generators generally ask you to indicate some keywords specific to your activity and your company. By asking a few questions, they try to identify the services you offer as well as the target audience you are addressing.

Then, their algorithms allow them to generate a whole bunch of different slogans in record time!

Free slogan generators

In this article, let me offer you my slogan generator tools! They are, in my opinion, the best ones to help you come up with new ideas while accompanying your limitless creativity!

Attractive text generator by Sowaycom
Sowaycom, the “marketing laboratory”, invites the Internet user to fill in several fields to find the ideal formula. If you use this generator, you will have to :

Name the benefits of your product for your customer;
Mention the time needed to obtain these benefits;
Name an obstacle that your customer may encounter;
Define who your customer is;
Choose a number that corresponds to your activity (3 ways to… or 5 ways to…);
Give the name of your product or service.
Once these different elements are filled in, the generator displays numerous teasers in different styles.

Finally, because the software is likely to evolve, Sowaycom invites you to leave your contact information online to be informed of any updates to the generator.

Book title generator with UnTitre cover by Omer Pesquer
Finally, in a much more confusing and random style, Omer Pesquer’s UnTitre site allows you to create a book title while associating it with a photo.

Thus, the work provided looks more like a novel cover than a slogan. However, it can be another source of inspiration.

On the other hand, unlike other generators that are essentially based on your activity, this site works in a much more random way. It only asks for the first and last name of the user. The slogan provided is therefore purely the fruit of fate!

Hypnotic hook generator by Copywriting Pratique

Let’s start with the hypnotic hook generator by Copywriting Pratique. It is a tool that automatically generates 47 different hooks depending on your answers to several questions.

To start, Copywriting Pratique invites you to answer 6 questions:

What type of product do you sell?
What is your product used for?
Name two benefits that your product provides
Who uses your product?
Name one result that your product brings
Name a problem that your product solves.
Then, simply click on the “Generate your taglines” button. The slogans are displayed and all you have to do is adapt them according to your desires or use them as they have been imagined by the generator.

In addition to the generator, the Copywriting Pratique site regularly publishes numerous blog articles and offers many communication tips. However, you have to register to the platform in order to benefit from the service.

For the best free English slogan generators

The complete Getsocio tool

For entrepreneurs who want to create their slogan in English, you can turn to Getsocio: by simply entering a single term, such as a brand name for example, the software generates thousands of proposals!

Then click on the one you like the most and copy and paste your future slogan on your website, business card, poster or within your Ads campaign.

Sloganizer for random proposals

Same principle as Getsocio, only with Sloganizer, a single phrase is randomly proposed from your keyword.

This generator offers a fun version of the slogan search with this random system.

Once you have entered your keyword in the Sloganizer search bar, click on the “Sloganize!” button. If you don’t like the suggested phrase, just click the button again until you find the best slogan.

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