2checkout by Verifone : New payment method on your e-commerce

The payment is definitely the most impactful step of an order on an online store. It is at this moment that the relationship between the merchant and the customer becomes concrete.

For a good start of the relationship, it is essential to have several reliable and secure payment methods. These allow first of all to reassure the customers, but also to provide them with a simpler purchasing experience.

For that, we present you today the integration of 2checkout by Verifone, one of the major actors of the online sales!

What’s new in this payment method for your online store

2Checkout is a payment solution that will allow you to accept credit card payments in more than 150 different countries and currencies.

The advantage of 2checkout lies mainly in the numerous features around the payment system.

For example, it is possible to track transactions thanks to a personalized dashboard directly integrated on the platform.

As for payment security, 2checkout includes an anti-fraud protection. A support by chat and e-mail is also available, if needed!

Regarding the fees, they start at 3.5% + 0.30€ per transaction. Please note that these fees may also vary by country.

This new payment module is one of the big players in online sales and will help you grow your store.

Add 2checkout to your store today

We are very happy to make 2checkout available to everyone today!

Registering for their service is free and only takes a few simple steps. You can, from now on, associate this module to your online store.

To add 2checkout, go directly to your administration space: General preferences > Payment methods.

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