How to earn money with the videos on your channel?

YouTube is a social network that allows users to broadcast videos. Today, it is one of the most visited sites on the planet.

As a proof, YouTube has an audience of 2 billion users per month, including 46 million people in France. 500 hours of videos are even uploaded every minute via this site!

YouTube also allows to generate revenues. Even better, YouTube channels making a small fortune are multiplying: some Youtubers can even earn a salary of several million euros or dollars.

In one year, the number of YouTube channels generating a six-figure monthly income has increased by 40%!

If you’re interested in this type of income, you should know that YouTube’s algorithm has changed considerably since it was bought by the American giant Google in 2006. If you want to make a fortune via YouTube, note that you have a big challenge ahead of you… Here are some avenues to explore to monetize your presence on the platform.

How to make money on YouTube?

The profession of a youtuber appeared about 10 years ago. This profession consists of owning a YouTube account and regularly publishing videos on specific themes, such as video games, fashion, cosmetics, travel or gardening.

You don’t need a specific degree to become a Youtuber and accumulate millions of views. All you need to do is create a YouTube account and broadcast content that is attractive enough to create a real community around your channel.

From then on, YouTube can bring you several tens or even hundreds of euros, either directly, by monetizing your channel, or indirectly, by allowing you to develop your company’s image.

Develop your company’s image

YouTube is a great platform to build brand awareness and make your products more visible. If you run an online store and are looking for a way to drive more traffic to you, YouTube is a great solution.

Did you know that in 2020, YouTube helped brands increase their awareness by an average of 14%! But how exactly do you use the platform to gain visibility and perfect your brand image?

To date, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google.

Yet, most brands work carefully on their natural referencing on Google while they tend to neglect YouTube. Big mistake! It is a huge pool of potential customers.

Nevertheless, building credible and qualitative videos is not for everyone. You may need to use an external service provider who can increase the natural credibility of your brand in the eyes of other Internet users.

Indeed, sharing inferior videos on YouTube is totally counterproductive and will not make you earn millions of euros, quite the contrary. Therefore, give enough resources to this communication channel if you decide to appear on YouTube.

Broadcasting YouTube videos can give your business another face. When the products you offer or the services you display are put into images, it becomes much more meaningful. This is an additional factor in inspiring the trust of Internet users.

Also, as YouTube is a social network, it is also an additional opportunity to open a dialogue with your audience, especially during “question and answer” sessions in front of the camera.

If some of your videos capture the attention of the viewers, and if you manage to pique their curiosity, you will maximize your chances that they will click on your links to go to your pages. From then on, YouTube is a great way to generate new leads. It is then up to you to turn these visits into new sales.

YouTube also has the advantage of offering your target audience another type of content. This is another form of marketing, which can be completely complementary to a blog, for example. The blog will attract more people who are sensitive to reading. YouTube will attract more visitors who are attracted by video.

It is therefore a question of multiplying your fields of action and opening up to a new advertising format.

In this sense, YouTube is fully in line with an inbound marketing approach. When Internet users are looking for an explanation, many of them go to YouTube. They are the ones who are looking for information. By providing them with answers, you are immediately seen as an expert in your field and the leads you get are even more qualified.

Monetize your YouTube channel

Next, you should know that YouTube also allows you to generate passive income on the Internet.

In other words, the platform allows you to earn money according to the number of views you get on each of your uploaded videos.

However, in order to do so, you will need to be creative enough and show extreme quality in your content creation. There are a lot of videos shared on YouTube and it’s not always easy to stand out.

If your videos are getting a lot of views, add ads to them in order to get revenue. Advertising revenue is based on the number of times users see the ads.

In other words, the more subscribers you have, the more likely your YouTube revenue will increase.

To get started, however, there are a few prerequisites. First, you need to have a YouTube channel. Then you’ll have access to the YouTube Studio, an interface that allows you to manage your channel.

You will then have to register on the Creator Academy, a specific interface to help you make your channel live. Note that this section also includes many courses to teach you how to make the most of YouTube.

It will guide you step by step in your monetization process. Finally, you may be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program, which is the only framework in which it is possible to make money via the platform.

However, you should know that not everyone can join the YouTube Partner Program. Every application is scrutinized before it is approved.

To join, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and have viewed 4,000 hours of video in the last 12 months. Once YouTube determines that you are eligible for the program, you will be notified.

As you can see, monetizing videos is not that easy and getting paid by YouTube requires real efforts!

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